Monday, June 13, 2011

The Summer Collection

Summer is here! It never fails. For some reason I only look forward to it for a short while, then once it's really here with the stifling heat and humidity, I wish I could be there. There in some cooler place where my "heat acceptance gene" won't go missing as it often does here. My favourite parts of the season are the beginning and the end when the heat is bearable and the beaches pristine and intact and mostly quiet.
On the other hand the days are longer and filled with beautiful sunsets. The heat and the water so close
by makes it difficult not to feel like you're on vacation every day of the week. What to do to keep refreshed? My mind goes to creamy puddings, clouds of meringue and pools of icecream..... don't forget the icecream!

Semifreddo all'Amaretto €12

A dreamy dessert. Creamy, velvety, speckled with crushed Amaretti biscuits on the inside and topped with a layer of the same. A very distinctive after dinner treat. Serves 8 to 10

Creme de Menthe Cheesecake €22

Refreshing, creamy, velvety. This cheesecake is lovely after a meal with it's minty freshness and exquisite taste. It has a lovely smooth texture all set on a biscuit base enhanced with chocolate. Serves 10 to 12

Chocolate Pavlova €18

A Pavlova is great in summer and in particular this dark beauty. A crisp and chewy meringue base, rich in cocoa and beaded with nuggets of dark chocolate. The layer of softly whipped cream topped with fresh fruit is a colourful contrast and marvelous combination. Serves 8

Tiramisu €22

Layers of sponge fingers soaked in coffee and liqueur are covered with layers of Mascarpone cream laced with more liqueur to compose this famous Italian dessert in all it's original form. Serves 12

Profiteroles €15

Delicious little choux buns filled with Mascarpone cream laced with dark rum. Accompanied with a light yet glorious chocolate sauce they're absolutely sensational. Serves 10 (4 per person)

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