A few months ago I was in Italy on a short trip. The weather was cold and yet I ventured into a gelateria. To my surprise there were several people buying icecream like it were the most natural thing to do in such cold, adverse weather. When I got back I was really looking forward to churn a batch for myself but I couldn't bring myself to defy the cold yet. 
Now that summer is here I have finally started making icecream once again. I know that there is a vast array of icecream on the market and very good too for that matter. Making icecream for me is fun! While it's churning in the machine I just sit there and watch in awe the transformation from custard to icecream. I watch it expand and freeze. And believe me nothing tastes better than a batch of freshly churned icecream! So smooth and comforting.
Here I've come up with a few old classics and some more innovative, intriguing flavours. All the icecreams are made using the freshest and most natural ingredients thus rendering them tasty and distinct.

Cinnamon Ice Cream €10

A creamy, delicate, ice cream. Cinnamon sticks are infused to emanate their remarkable, exquisite scent into this milky, soft mixture.

Rum & Raisin Icecream €14

A "boozy" icecream. Rich, smooth, creamy and laced with rum. The raisins are soaked in rum making them plump and bursting with flavour with every scoop.


Nutella Icecream €8

Nutella icecream is the summer version of this famous chocolate spread. The Nutella is still savoured in all it's goodness here and it's flavour is all there, intense and gratifying, fresh and pleasant bringing out the goodness of the hazelnuts. (Cookies sold separately)

Strawberry Icecream €10

Fresh and fruity. This icecream is made with fresh strawberries, lots of them. You can taste them as you dig into it with your spoon. I suggest it is consumed within a week in order for it not to lose it's exquisite flavour.

Chocolate Icecream €8

This is naturally a classic. I'd like to point out however that the chocolate flavour shines through. It is intense but not overpowering and so real in all it's chocolate glory.

Pistacchio Icecream €10

This icecream is what I tried to recreate after returning from my trip to Italy. I will say I was successful in my attempt as the pistacchio flavour is particularly enhanced and the texture has little bits of nuts but maintains its smoothness all the same.    

Roasted Banana Icecream €8

This is most definitely an innovative icecream both in flavour and in texture. It is not as smooth and velvety yet it is structured. Roasting the bananas with sugar makes the taste unique giving it a hint of caramelization which works a treat in this combination. Serving it with warm chocolate sauce is pure indulgence.

Maple & Walnut Icecream €15

An extremely delicious icecream. Creamy, smooth and rich in flavour. It is made with Maple syrup and speckled with walnuts which in turn have been drenched and coated in Maple syrup too. Once added to the icecream they form delicious crunchy clusters which you can taste in every scoop.

Cranberry & Orange Sorbet €10

Cranberries and oranges make this wonderful refreshing, citrusy and deep coloured sorbet. The two fruits blend excellently together making this sorbet smooth and invigorating. I would even suggest serving it inbetween courses as well as for dessert.